International Mother’s Day

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International Mother’s Day: A mother always wants her children to have a smile on face in his or her entire life. He or she never faces any problem in his or her life. If he or she faces any problem then he or she is capable or able to handle whatever situation it is.
Mother is always a role model or inspiration for her children. She wants to teach the child how to deal with life so that the child never faces any problem that’s why she is the first teacher of her children.
She always loves her child that’s why she is the first love of her child. In return, she only wants the happiness of the children. She can do anything for her children’s happiness.
International Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days to celebrated motherhood. In many countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In 2020, it is celebrated on 10th May.
Mother’s Day is celebrated to show appreciation towards mothers and how much children love and care for her.  It is the special day to celebrate motherhood and to honor the mother.
It is celebrated on a different day in different country and on different dates every year.
It was first celebrated in the USA. Countries like Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May month. 
International Mother’s Day
There is a history behind the celebration of Mother’s Day. Here is the history of the celebration:

History of International Mother’s Day

Back in the Ancient Greeks and Romans used to worship in honor of Rhea, the wife of Cronus, and mother to several Gods and Mother Goddess in the spring season. But in America, Anna Jarvis was the one who started the celebration of Mother’s Day.
Anna was the woman who wanted to improve the sanitation in her town by the women in her community. She started and is now followed by many countries including India.
She used to love her mother very much. When her mother died, she started the celebration of Mother’s Day. From then she wanted that there should be a day to honor mothers. 
Before, Mother’s Day was celebrated by a few people but after some years, the celebration was spread in a large number then slowly slowly got popularized and was celebrated in many countries.
She doesn’t want anyone celebrating like wasting money. Just giving a flower was enough. In 1914, it was declared a national holiday in US. So Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May month.

Mother’s Day in USA

Mother’s Day was started in the US. It is celebrated across the world but in many countries including the US and India, the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May month. There is a history behind the Mother’s Day celebration which was started in the US.
Anna Jarvis was the one who started the celebration of the day when her mother died. Her mother had a desire to celebrate such a day like this day. She used to love her mother like other loves their mother.
It is a national holiday on Mother’s Day in the US. People celebrate this day with their mother and make the day memorable one.
Churchgoing is very much popular on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in Arabic Countries

Mother’s Day in Arabic Countries is celebrated on 21st March every year. In 1956, the day was first celebrated by journalist Mustafa Amin.

Mother’s Day Indonesia

Mother’s Day in Indonesia is celebrated on 22ndDecember nationally. It was an official holiday declared. The day is to celebrate the spirit of women of Indonesia and also to improve the country’s condition.

Mother’s Day in India

Mother’s Day in India is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May like the US. In India, the mother is treated as God. People celebrate the Mother’s Day with love and giving surprise party and gifts.

Mother’s Day in UK

Mother’s Day in the UK (The United Kingdom) celebrates Mothering Sunday evolved from the 16th-century, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.
Mothering Sunday occurs 3 weeks prior to Easter Sunday or the fourth Sunday of Lent. The day is celebrated in the Church and most mothers get together with their children on this day.

Mother’s Day in China

 Mother’s Day in China is celebrated by giving gifts and flowers to the mother. The main motive of celebrating this day is to help poor mothers of the country. Celebrating this day is becoming popular in China.

Celebration of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries and everyone celebrates the day in different ways.  Surprise party and gifts are given to the mother. Everyone wants that their mother should feel special after getting a surprise and gifts.
The mother just gets happy after getting just a flower. She just smiles and says thanks to her children for the arrangement.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are various gift items available in the market and for every occasion even for mother’s Day. But a mother just wants her children’s smile. But here are some gift options for Mother’s Day celebration which can make feel special.
1.   Giving mother handmade card will make her smile. She will look for hard work behind making card.
2.   Nowadays, customized items are also popular and it can make anyone feel special. Customized mugs, cushions, calendar and many more.
3.   Giving photo frames are also popular. There are many types of photo frames available in the market nowadays. Attach photos in it of old memories with mother are the best gift.
4.   Give her gifts which she likes the most. Basically, the woman likes jewelry, dresses, beauty or makeup products, and many more.
5.   Give her flowers or bouquet.
6.   Working for the home and giving her rest will make her happy.
7.   Clean the house.
8.   Make dishes which she likes the most.

9.   Give her gift coupons which are popular nowadays.

10.               Booking a salon for her is also a best idea.
11.               Give her a surprise party.
12.               Get cake and tell her to cut the cake.
13.               Go for an outing or plan a trip with her and other family members the place she likes the most and make the day memorable.
14.               Have lunch or/and dinner the hotel she likes or is favorite.
15.               Order her favorite food or dishes.
16.               Click lots of photos with her.
17.               Go shopping with her and tell her what she wants.
18.               Watch a movie with her and other family members.
19.               Go for a walk with her.
20.               Gift her electronic device like mobile or tablet or kitchen essentials like microwave, dinner set and so on.

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